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17 July, 2009


Many thought that the legal battle between the son of formal president Olusegun Obasanjo Gbenga and his ex wife Moji as ended but it was not the duo as engage in another legal battle over their children custody both Gbenga and Moji his ex wife as returned to Lagos High court on Teusday for another battle over the access to the two kids of the divorced couple according to the gist Moji insisted that her children should not be allowed to stay with her ex mother –in-law because she will poising their mind against her, because her ex hubby still stays in his mother house, Moji was praying the court that Gbenga should have access to the kids only from 10am to 6pm of the Saturdays and one week before and after the holiday while the driver and nanny are with them .but Gbenga was asking for was a minimum of one week during shot holidays and one Saturday in a month with allowance for the kids and to be returning nextday but the parties could not reach a compromise agreement the case was adjourned, The question now is that when will the battle over?

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