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06 March, 2013

Doris Simeon opens 3D Cosmetics Store in Lagos

Doris Simeon opens 3D Cosmetics Store in Lagos
Award winning Nollywood actress, Doris Simeon, as put all marriage crisis  behind her now, soft spoken acctres, Doris will be opening a special beauty store named 3D Cosmetics store in Lagos, this Friday the 8th of March, 2013. According to the pretty light-skinned mother of one, she will be running this passion of hers alongside her acting career.
According to her….I’ve always loved two things while growing up, cosmetics and TV.After conquering the TV, I want to explore the cosmetics world. In 3D cosmetics store, we sell cream, soaps, make-up kits and several world class make-ups. I also recommend good products for our clients and I’m currently undergoing a course in make-up, so I can make people’s faces up”

Doris Simon

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